A High-Throughput Flexible Blockchain Platform Based on Trusted Sharding Computation

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What is MultiVAC ?

MultiVAC is the next-generation public blockchain platform

designed for large-scale and complicated decentralized applications


With the same node scale, MultiVAC can achieve two orders of magnitude credibility and over 10000 times more TPS than bitcoin, which will fully meets the needs of large-scale applications.

Flexible Computation

MultiVAC separates transactions and smart contracts/computation and provides an optional slide of CAP for DApps to make their own infrastructure of performance and decentralization level.

Infinite Expansion

There will be an economic model and an efficient free market in which Nodes can benefit from bookkeeping, computing and saving, leading to obvious increasing and network effect.

MultiVAC Tech

MultiVAC is pioneering a trusted probability and flexible computing model

which breaks the traditional booking framework and redefines sharding and smart contracts

Trusted Probability Model

CAP theorem is mapped to a probability model that can be quantified and implemented.

Ledger Transaction Sharding

A High-Throughput sharding scheme with an improved UTXO transaction model.

Flexible Computing Model

Flexible and trusted distributed computing capability by PoIE, BISC, MVM, etc.

Byzantine Consensus Family

Flexible mechanisms from the non-forking Byzantine Consensus Family.

MultiVAC Eco-system

MultiVAC Creates Flexible Computing and Trusted Programming

leading a DApps-outbreak era where spreads value directly.

MultiVAC Global R&D Team

Frank Lyu

MultiVAC Founder

Technical director and data engineering expert of Meituan. Co-founder and CTO of Xinrenxinshi, the outstanding HR SaaS entrepreneur in China holding investment from Sequoia Capital.
Dr. Shawn Ying

MultiVAC Founder

Associate Professor of Tianjin University. Ph.D. in Computing Science of Nanyang Technological University. An expert on parallel algorithms and general-purpose calculations. He became the youngest associate professor of Tianjin University at the age of 26 through the Youth Thousand Talents Plan. He has published over 20 papers in top conferences and journals such as SIGGRAPH.
Claire Wang

MultiVAC Founder

Marketing director of Xinrenxinshi. Co-founder of Julixinfang. Created the first new-media and community brand in the vertical field of human resources in China, covering more than one million HR professionals.
Dr. Tong Xiao

MultiVAC Algorithm Researcher

Ph.D. in Statistics of Harvard University. A researcher in the field of probability, machine learning and big data. He is engaged in research and development of quantitative trading strategies in top hedge funds.
Dr. Li Ge

MultiVAC Algorithm Researcher

Ph.D. in mathematics of University of Sydney. An expert on group theory and cryptography. He is a quantitative strategist in top international hedge funds.
Dr. Sun Hong

MultiVAC Algorithm Researcher

Ph.D. of Microsoft Research Asia and Tianjin University (MSRA-TJU) co-cultivator. A Postdoctoral of Microsoft Asia Institute and an expert in AI. She is an application scientist at Microsoft Research (USA).
Dr. Zhang Minqi

MultiVAC Algorithm Researcher

Ph.D. in Computing Science of Nanyang Technological University. An expert on the application of modern topology and applied mathematics in the computing Science.
Lu Koupin

MultiVAC Algorithm Researcher

M.S. in Financial Mathematics of Stanford University. B.S. in Math & Physics of Academic Talent Program of Tsinghua University. Vice president of Goldman Sachs Co., Structure Financing and Investment Lead investment & lending strategy team and manage 30 billion asset portfolio.
Lu Junyu

MultiVAC Algorithm Researcher

B.Sc in Physics from NTU.
M.A in mathematics from McGill
He Liang

MultiVAC R&D Engineer

Architect of Pinterest and Facebook. Senior engineer of Tencent. An expert in the field of large-scale distributed systems.
Wu Jiajun

MultiVAC R&D Engineer

Senior engineer of Google Maps. Researcher on number theory and game theory at the Department of Mathematics, Nanyang Technological University.
Dong Zhong

MultiVAC R&D Engineer

Senior engineer of Google Android Search. Expert on big data of Meituan.
Li Yuan

MultiVAC R&D Engineer

Technical director and senior engineer of Google Local Ads.
Lin Nan

MultiVAC R&D Engineer

Software Engineer at Google Ads. Master of computer science of Carnegie Mellon University. Bachelor of computer science of Tsinghua University 
Libo Shen

MultiVAC R&D Engineer

Site Reliability Engineer at Google. Responsible for the reliability architecture of the Google Shopping API. Bachelor of Computer Science from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
David Sebaoun

MultiVAC R&D Engineer

Software Engineer.
Studying for a Master in Computer Science at Tianjin University and Epitech - European Institute of Technology.
Bachelor of Computer Science and Innovation from Epitech- European Institute of Technology.
Andrew Ma

MultiVAC R&D Engineer

Graduated with a B.S. degree in Mathematical and Computational Science in Stanford University. He grew up in Nanjing, China and Honolulu, HI and is the record holder for the USA Mathematical Olympiad in Hawaii.
Lu Lu

MultiVAC R&D Engineer

Senior engineer of Thunder, Meituan and Alibaba.
Yang Jun

MultiVAC Advisor

Co-founder and vice-president of Meituan. Co-founder of Renren, Fanfou and Haineiwang.
Roger Lim

MultiVAC Advisor

Experienced angel and blockchain investor. Founding Partner of NEO Global Capital. Advisor for Bluzelle, Qlink, CoinFi, Selfkey, TheKey, Tomocoin, 0Chain, Switcheo, Open Platform and nOS. Successful entrepreneur who founded Webvisions, an asian cloud hosting company.
Chen Chang

MultiVAC Advisor

Senior researcher at IBM.Core developer at Fabric. He is the earliest researcher and promoters of blockchain technology. Once led the development of several blockchain service platforms. One of the authors of "blockchain principle, design and application."
He Ying

MultiVAC Advisor

Tenured Associate Professor of Nanyang Technological University Expert on computer graphics, parallel computing & topology.He has published over 70 papers on top journals and conferences. More Info:http://www.ntu.edu.sg/home/yhe/
Lai Binqiang

MultiVAC Advisor

Vice-president of Meituan in charge of the IT, administration, purchasing legal and government relations department. Co-founder of Renren, Taofangwang.
Chen Liang

MultiVAC Advisor

Co-founder and Senior Vice-president of Meituan. Co-founder of Renren, Taofangwang.
Johnny Lyu

MultiVAC Advisor

Vice President of Strategy and Investment of KuCoin; partner of PGC (Phoenix Global Capital)

Investors and Partners

Tech Roadmap

  • Technical Whitepaper Release

    UTXO sharding transaction design & development

    Sharding Ledger & Storage design & development

    Interactive TX verification design & development

  • Testnet release & open source code

    refining & release of BISC, MVM, PoIE design

    Flexible computation design

  • Full-function union debugging & update

    Stress testing and security scanning

    Mainnet Launch

  • 2018Q1

    Project Startup & Team Formation

    MultiVAC Framework design

  • 2018Q3

    Sharding Yellowpaper release

    Sharding transaction development

    In-lab testing and TPS data release

  • 2019Q1

    Testnet iterative & update

    MVM/PoIE refining & development

    Flexible computation development

  • 2019Q3

    Blockchain wallet and browser release

    Development toolset, SDK, suites

MultiVAC, A High-Throughput and Flexible Blockchain Platform Based on Trusted Sharding Computing

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